Measuring and Modeling Made Easy.

Benefits of LiDAR Measurements

Cost Savings

2x Cost Savings

Time Savings

3x Time Savings

Increased Accuracy

8x Increased Accuracy


This model contains over 100 Million data points.

Scanning is done using a BLK360 Terrestrial LiDAR Scanner.

Bring us in to scan your property.

Receive your point cloud within 3 business days!


You can build the model yourself or skip another step!

Option 1: Import the point cloud to build your model.

Option 2: Use a 3D contractor to get complete CAD drawings!

Saves You Time

High-Quality Photography

Interior and Exterior

Wide Angle

Post-Capture Touch-Ups

More Accurate Measurements

“We’re really only at the beginning stages of what (3D Laser Scanning) can do,”
(Architect Magazine)
“The benefits of 3D laser scanning for owners, architects, engineers, and construction professionals alike are establishing themselves as self-evident.”
(LiDAR Magazine)


Simplify your Measuring & Modeling

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